Request to inspect personal data


This form is used to request that the Emergency Response Centre Administration check your personal data stored in the ERC information systems. Information requests for an individual emergency call or alarm must be made using separate forms. In case your residence or telephone number has been changed during the dates you have indicated in your request, you can inform this in the field “additional information, if necessary”

I am a former or current employee of the Emergency Response Centre Administration Required

Everyone has the right to know whether or not their personal data is stored in a filing system. However, there are a number of exceptions to this principle. The right to access and inspect data does not apply if this would impede the prevention or investigation of a crime or pose a serious risk to the health or treatment of the data subject or the rights of another person, for example. For more about the rights of data subjects, see the Data Protection Ombudsman website.

The National Police Board is the controller of data stored the ERC information system that fall under the jurisdiction of the police. Everyone has the right to request access to their personal data.

The request must include all necessary identifying information about the person in order for the information to be retrieved from the filing system. If the data subject has exercised the right inspect data in the past year, the control ler may charge a reasonable fee to cover the direct costs of fulfilling the request. The correct recipient of the data is always verified. The response to the request to inspect data is mailed by recorded delivery. For this reason, the request must include a postal address to which the data subject wants the response delivered.

In the case of data in the ERC information system not under the jurisdiction of the police, requests to inspect data are fulfilled by the Emergency Response Centre Administration as the principal controller.

Requests to inspect personal data are processed within two weeks. If the request concerns a longer period of time or is otherwise unusually extensive, the processing time is one month.

You can also Request for your personal data by email

  1. Save the unedited form on your computer and then fill it in electronically.
  2. Save your changes and attach the form to your email message. We recommend using secure email. If you wish to send us a secure email, please start by registering at, after which you will receive a link by email to send your message.

Request to inspect personal data (pdf, printable and filling)
Send the form by e-mail to [email protected].