The first link in aid and security in the chain of emergency

The ERC Agency provides ERC services throughout Finland, excluding the Province of Åland. 

The task of the ERC Agency is to receive emergency calls from all over the country that fall within the scope of the rescue, police, social and health services, as well as other information relating to the safety of people, property, and the environment, and to forward their content to the appropriate authorities or partners.

There is only one emergency number in Finland - 112. 

  • Emergency response centres (ERCs) deal with all emergency calls regardless of the service required.
  • ERCs are able to reach all emergency response authorities via a shared radio network. All the necessary authorities can be alerted simultaneously.

Active international cooperation network

The Emergency Response Centre Administration attracts international attention in its sector. Cooperation between the ERC operators of different countries is based on mutual comparison and development of systems and operating models, international agreements and operational cooperation.

Finland’s model attracts interest because the provision of ERC operation is the responsibility of a single authority. Furthermore, ERC operator as a separate profession attracts interest abroad.

Strategy 2021-2024