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The Emergency Response Centre Agency plays an important role in ensuring the nation’s safety and security. The Finnish ERC system is also globally unique. It is important for us to work closely and seamlessly with various security authorities and other partners, both in Finland and internationally. One way of fostering these connections is to organise guided tours on the premises of the Emergency Response Centre Agency.
We only give tours to other government agencies and our partners. Members of the public are unfortunately not admitted on our premises.

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Request for visit

The Emergency Response Centre Agency decides whether or not to grant a tour based on the information you provide. We will contact you if we need more information and to discuss the details of your tour. Visitors must prove their identity upon arrival and follow the instructions provided during the tour.

Request for visit by e-mail

To arrange a tour, we need you to provide some personal information, which is why we recommend that you send the booking form back by secure email. Please download the PDF version of the form and create an account at, after which we will send you a link to our secure email portal.

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