Automatic emergency notifications

The official services and emergency notification channels provided by the Emergency Response Centre Agency are:

•    Emergency call
•    Emergency text message
•    Automatic fire and burglar alarm systems
•    eCall


eCall is an emergency response service that transmits the type and location of the vehicle involved in an accident to the emergency response centre.  At the same time, a voice link is activated between the car and the emergency response centre. In the event of an accident, eCall sends a data package to the ERC containing information about, for example, the direction of travel of the vehicle in the accident, the type of vehicle and whether the call was made manually or automatically. 

eCall was introduced in Finland in autumn 2017 in accordance with EU legislation, and all new cars and vans type-approved after 31 March 2018 must be equipped with an eCall device. More information about eCall is available on Traficom's website.
Some vehicles use the manufacturer's own system, in which case emergency calls are connected to the manufacturer's service centre. Check with your car's importer where the car's SOS button connects your calls. 

Smart device notifications and SOS features

Smart devices can make automatic notifications that open an emergency call connection. For example, the calls could be originated by a function connected to a phone or cycling helmet, which reacts to a sudden jolt or rapid change in the measured speed. 

A sensor in a smart device can detect a sudden stop and interpret it as a fall or collision, for example. In such a case, the user may be notified that the device will initiate an emergency call unless the user cancels it within a set time.

Various smart devices can be equipped with quick features to speed up the process of notifying emergency services. In some smartphones, for example, pressing the power button several times can trigger an emergency call.

New technology has been created to assist in situations where a person needs help but cannot call for it themselves. An emergency notification is made when the emergency response centre establishes a voice connection between the ERC operator and the caller. A phone call is always the best and fastest way to make an emergency notification.

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