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The site went live on 29th of September, 2020. The site is subject to the Finnish Act on the Provision of Digital Services, which stipulates that the websites of government agencies must be accessible to individuals with various disabilities or impairments. 

Terms and conditions

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The site uses cookies to improve the user experience and to collect statistical information on visitors to the site. The aim is to improve the site and its contents from the users’ perspective. 

 You can disable cookies in your browser settings. If you have enabled cookies in your browser settings, you are deemed to have also accepted cookies on the website.

Cookies are small text files that are sent to and stored on the user’s computer. Cookies do not harm users’ computers or files. It should be noted that cookies may be necessary for the proper functioning of some services.

The site uses both session-specific and tracking cookies. Session cookies collected on our site will be stored for the duration of the session, but will be destroyed when the browser is closed. Only tracking cookies used to identify new and returning visitors will be retained.
We also use web analytics software provided by a third party (Google Analytics), which drops a tracking cookie on the user’s computer. The cookie tells us whether the user has visited our site before. 

The Emergency Response Centre Agency does not use analytics software to collect IP addresses or any other personal information. The information collected using cookies cannot be linked to natural persons. 

Cookies are used to collect the following information:

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You can view the Emergency Response Centre Agency’s privacy policies here.

In addition, Siteimprove collects information about issues detected on the site and reports on how they impact the user experience. The information is used to improve the accessibility and quality of the service. Siteimprove anonymises visitors’ IP addresses and does not disclose information. Cookies are stored in your browser for a maximum of 1000 days. 


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By default, the entire site is searched. The Quick Search function returns matches in the chosen language to all the keywords entered by the user. The Boolean operator ‘AND’ is added between keywords automatically. Truncated search terms can also be used. The search results are listed in order from the most recently published document to the oldest.

Requests for documents and forms

Users can request publications of the Emergency Response Centre Agency to be sent to their email address via the site or subscribe to RSS newsfeeds and newsletters.

The site can also be used to submit official forms (e.g. feedback, forms relating to fire and burglar alarms, general enquiries) to the Emergency Response Centre Agency, which are automatically forwarded to the agency’s registry.

Social media plugins

The site contains links to third-party social media platforms (YouTube, Juicer, Site Improve). Third-party applications are subject to the terms and conditions of the third party in question.
The site also features live webcasts and videos that are streamed from a separate server in a format supported by the user’s device.

PDF documents

To open the PDF documents published on the site, users need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe’s website at


The owners of the copyrights to the information and pictures published on the site (the Emergency Response Centre Agency or a third party) are identified next to the information or picture in question.

The content on the site can be reproduced and linked to in appropriate contexts provided that the source is cited. The Emergency Response Centre Agency’s express consent must be sought before reusing any of the content for commercial purposes.


The site is managed by the Emergency Response Centre Agency.
The Emergency Response Centre Agency strives to keep the information on the site accurate and up to date at all times. However, the Emergency Response Centre Agency accepts no liability for any errors or misstatements on the site. The Emergency Response Centre Agency also cannot be held liable for any inconvenience caused by technical faults or third-party resources linked to site.

Third-party sites are subject to their own terms and conditions. 

The Emergency Response Centre Agency cannot guarantee the security of messages sent via the internet. Users are advised not to include confidential information in online forms or emails.

The Emergency Response Centre Agency reserves the right to make revisions, corrections and changes to the terms and condition as well as the content and design of the site. Users are advised to check back here from time to time for the latest terms and conditions.