• Emergency number 112 introduced in the EU 30 years ago

    News item 13.7.2021

    The need for a single emergency number in the world developed in the early 20th century at the same time as the development of telephone traffic and urbanisation progressed. The world's first...

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  • Sign language emergency call pilot project starts in June 2021

    Press release 15.6.2021

    The pilot project is targeted at deaf persons and persons with impaired hearing who use Finnish sign language as their first language. The pilot project aims to find out how well the 112 Suomi...

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  • When the Kuopio school attack occurred, help was on the scene within eight minutes

    Press release 2.6.2021

    First emergency call answered within two seconds On 1 October 2019, a pupil armed with a sword attacked the Savo Vocational College in Kuopio in the middle of a school day. The first call to the...

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  • 112 Suomi mobile application as an official channel for public warnings

    Press release 20.5.2021

    112 Suomi is a mobile application produced by the Emergency Response Centre Agency and developed in cooperation with various safety actors. Thanks to the large number of users, the app has...

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  • Maintenance and further development transfer from Insta to Cinia 

    Press release 21.4.2021

    Developed by the Emergency Response Centre Agency in long-term collaboration with Insta, the ERICA emergency response center information system has already served Finns for two years. The emergency...

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  • Journey from hundreds of emergency centres to a government agency

    News item 8.4.2021

    The roots of the current emergency response centre (ERC) activities can be found in an extensive survey conducted in 1991. At that time, there were a total of about 100 police emergency centres and...

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  • The most memorable case of the experienced emergency response centre operator is the sinking of the M/S Estonia

    News item 6.4.2021

    “I wonder if this would be a vocation for me,” Margareta was thinking at the time. In the spring of 1983, Margareta’s father called her daughter, informing that a good job opening would be...

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  • The Emergency Response Centre Agency began cooperation with the Safety Investigation Authority

    Press release 23.3.2021

    Lasse Matilainen, Head of the Control Centre of the Emergency Response Centre Agency, says that the aim of the cooperation is to speed up and improve the efficiency of accident investigations. “The...

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  • New service number for alarm systems on 3 march 2021

    Press release 1.3.2021

    Testing congestion at the turn of the month Testing of fire and burglar alarm systems experiences the most congestion during the weeks on both sides of the turn of the month. In our new information...

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  • Financial statements for 2020 have been published

    News item 26.2.2021

    As a whole, the emergency response centre services were provided in high quality and the operational performance remained at the level required by the performance targets. The target response times...

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  • The public safety announcement transmission system will be tested on 11 February

    News item 9.2.2021

    During the test, the public safety announcements will be visible on TV screens and on page 112 of Teletext. The public safety announcement system will also be tested on radio, as usual. The...

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  • 112 Day celebrated virtually on 11 February

    Press release 9.2.2021

    According to Communications Specialist Katri Kalliomäki from the Emergency Response Centre Agency, the purpose of 112 Day is to promote citizens’ safety awareness and a positive attitude. 112 Day...

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  • Virtual 112 Day events

    News item 5.2.2021

    Thank safety actors in social media: #thankyouchain Many of us have received help in an emergency, and during the week of 112 Day, you have the opportunity to thank the various safety actors. Use...

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  • Join our campaign on 11th February 2021


    Over the years, on this official 112 Day, emergency services celebrated their work and reminded citizens of the importance of the European emergency number. This year Eena - the European Emergency...

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  • 112 Suomi mobile emergency application also available for use in other European countries

    Press release 21.1.2021

    The Emergency Response Centre Agency of Finland is part of the Pan-European Mobile Emergency Apps (PEMEA) project, organised by the European Emergency Number Association EENA. According to...

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  • New website goes live

    News item 29.9.2020

    We have invested in a fresher look and more compact and easily understandable content. We have tried to think more about our customers’ needs and make our site as user-friendly as possible. The new...

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