Emergency SMS

Emergencies can also be reported by sending a text message to 112

The SMS service is primarily intended for individuals who are hard of hearing or unable to speak. 
An emergency text message can only be sent from a phone number that has been registered in advance on the suomi.fi website maintained by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. The registration can be made in Finnish or Swedish.

What to write in an emergency text message

Individuals who contact emergency services via text message are asked to provide the same basic information as callers in order to allow the ERC operator to carry out a statutory assessment of the urgency of the situation. To make it easier for the ERC operator to send help as soon as possible, always include as much information as you can in your initial message.
The operator can then reply to your message and ask for any additional information that may be required.

Always call if possible

Calling the emergency number is always a more reliable option than sending a text message, as there may be delays in text message transmission due to, for example, network issues or your phone’s memory being full. The emergency SMS service only works with regular text messages within the meaning of the Finnish Information Society Code, not with, for example, WhatsApp.
Emergency text messages cannot be sent from phones that do not have a SIM card. Moreover, Finnish ERCs are unable to receive text messages from phones that have a foreign SIM card.

Please make sure that your text message includes

  1. Municipality and address

    In the first text message, type the address in as much detail as possible.

  2. What happened?

    Briefly describe the emergency.

  3. Additional information about the situation

    Include additional information if necessary.

  4. Your name

    Include your name at the end of the message.