Exceptional circumstances

Storms, for example, can quickly create exceptional circumstances that lead to multiple members of the public calling the emergency number simultaneously. These kinds of sudden peaks in the number of calls can momentarily overload ERCs’ capacity.  Please remember that the emergency number is not intended for general enquiries and that unnecessary calls can cause delays in responding to real emergencies, with potentially fatal consequences.

There are also occasionally problems with telephone networks, which can prevent callers from getting through to the emergency number.

What to do in the following situations? 

No signal

If your operator’s network is down and you cannot get through to the emergency number,

  • restart your phone,
  • bypass the lock screen and dial 112.

Your phone will look for an alternative network.

Line is busy

If the number is temporarily busy, plese hold the line. Calls will be answered in the order they have been made.

Fallen tree

  • if the tree has fallen on a power line, contact the electricity company
  • if the tree is not posing an immediate risk, removing it is the responsibility of the local authority, private contractor or landowner
  • if the tree is lying in a dangerous position, call the emergency number 112

Power Cut

  • check the electricity company’s website for updates on the situation
  • do not call the emergency number