The 112 Suomi app is also available abroad

The 112 Suomi mobile emergency application is also available for use in other European countries. You can call the European emergency number 112 via the app, in which case the caller’s location data is transmitted to the local emergency response centre.

The caller's location information is transmitted via the app to the emergency services in countries that are part of PEMEA (Pan-European Mobile Emergency Apps). With the help of the PEMEA architecture, European 112 applications send location data to the emergency services of the EU country from which the call is made. Finland became the first country to introduce the feature in January 2021.

You can manually check the coordinates in the app from anywhere. If you check your coordinates in the 112 Finland application while abroad, remember to tell the emergency services that the coordinates are in the WGS84 (DD°') format used in Finland.

PEMEA - Deployment Status

An up-to-date map of the countries powered by Pemea