How to use 112 Suomi mobile app

What are the benefits of the app?

  1. Receive help at the right location in emergency and problem situations

    In case of an emergency, remember to make an emergency call through the app. In this case, your location information is automatically relayed to the emergency response centre. This speeds up the processing of emergency calls and enables the ERC operator to send the nearest possible unit to the scene.

    Location information is also transmitted when you call the road users’ hotline or the maritime rescue emergency number via the app. The transmission of the location information is activated when you call the numbers in question through the app. The telephone numbers can be found on the Emergency Numbers tab. 

  2. Help in different situations

    In the Services tab of the app, you can find non-emergency telephone numbers. In addition, you can use the app to check the location of the nearest defibrillator.

    You can download operating instructions for boaters and familiarise yourself with the symptoms of Cerebrovascular Disorders. You can also access the coronavirus symptom assessment via the app. 

  3. Public safety alerts and notices by the authorities

    Regional public safety alerts and notices are transmitted via the app based on the location of the phone. The authority in charge of the alert is responsible for the content of public safety alerts. In case of a new public safety alerts and notice, you will receive a beep and a notification on the phone screen. All open alert can be found on the Alerts tab.  

    The phones’ operating systems can stop public safety notifications from getting through. A notification may not come through, for example, if you have not given the app permission to locate you or to send notifications, the phone is in power-saving mode or if the phone’s location cannot be accessed for some reason.