Administrative complaint

Challenging the actions of the Emergency Response Centre Agency

Anyone who wishes to challenge the actions of the Emergency Response Centre Agency can do so by filing an administrative complaint with the agency in writing. The letter of complaint must state at least the name and contact information of the complainant.

The complainant must explain why they consider the actions of an individual official or department of the Emergency Response Centre Agency inappropriate. If the issue relates to a specific emergency call, the complaint must include as detailed a description as possible of the call, including the date and time of the call, the caller’s telephone number and the location of the caller at the time of the call. If the issue relates to a procedure or a failure of the authorities to do something, the circumstances must be described in as much detail as possible. 

Anonymous complaints are not entertained except in special circumstances. Issues raised more than two years after the event will not be investigated unless there is a special reason to do so. 
Complaints submitted by email should ideally be sent via the Emergency Response Centre Agency’s secure email service at

The average processing time of administrative complaints is between three and six months. There is no charge. 

The processing of administrative complaints is subject to the provisions of chapter 8a of the Finnish Administrative Procedure Act. An English translation of the Administrative Procedure Act can be found in the Finlex Data Bank. 

All complaints that suggest that an unlawful act has been committed or a procedural error made are investigated. The official subject to the complaint and their line manager may be asked to comment on the complaint. The complainant may also be asked to provide further information. 
The Emergency Response Centre Agency’s decision is communicated to the complainant in writing. The decision is sent by recorded delivery, which is why the complainant must provide their postal address. The Emergency Response Centre Agency must be notified if the complainant moves house while their complaint is being processed. 

Since anyone can file an administrative complaint, the Emergency Response Centre Agency’s decision may contain confidential information that cannot be disclosed to the complainant. Decisions on administrative complaints cannot be appealed (Administrative Procedure Act, section 53d). Complainants can also always approach the supreme overseers of legality, the two most important of whom are the Parliamentary Ombudsman and the Chancellor of Justice.