Virtual 112 Day events

Publication date 5.2.2021 14.09 | Published in English on 5.2.2021 at 15.38
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Picture and text Safety is a right for all of us.

112 Day is celebrated again on 11 February. On this day, attention will be paid to your and your loved ones’ safety, as well as to all actors in the safety and security sector — those who help in an emergency. In 2021, the campaign will be organised virtually under the theme “Safety is a right for all of us”.

Thank safety actors in social media: #thankyouchain

Many of us have received help in an emergency, and during the week of 112 Day, you have the opportunity to thank the various safety actors. Use the hashtag #thankyouchain in your message. This is an EU-wide campaign to acknowledge safety actors during the week of 112 Day.

Follow ERC Operator Patrick’s working day

On 112 Day, you can follow ERC Operator Patrick’s working day on the Emergency Response Centre Agency’s social media channels: Instagram and Facebook. We welcome you to follow along Patrick’s working day at the Turku Emergency Response Centre!
Ask us on Facebook 11 February from 2 p.m to 3 p.m.

Send us questions about the emergency number 112 and the activities of the emergency response centres, and our experts will answer them on Facebook on 11 February from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Add a 112 Day frame to your Facebook profile picture
You can add a 112 Day frame to your Facebook profile picture to show that you are participating in 112 Day. Safety belongs to all of us.

Participate and share safety information
During the campaign, anyone — a private individual, organisation, school, workplace, hobby group or association — can share valuable safety information to celebrate 112 Day. In addition, we can all improve our own and our loved ones’ safety by paying attention to small everyday acts and choices. Share your safety information by using the hashtags #112paiva #112dagen #112day on social media. You can download 112 Day photos for your use at

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